Bitcoin Betting – Good Sites Accept Bitcoin

Do you want to transfer bitcoins directly to a betting site without going through a bank? It’s possible, and lots of people do it. Transfer the winnings to your bank, not the bitcoin!

Bitcoin betting is gaining support – several countries are even regulating flows from wallets to online betting sites. We see this as a sign that bitcoin transactions are getting more normal – only if lots of people transact this way will it ever gain popularity. 

If you have bitcoins in your wallet, you will find sites that accept bitcoin. This normally means that the site needs to be based in a jurisdiction that favors bitcoin – thankfuly quite a few do. 

You will probably want to bet with a site that accepts bitcoin, and is not required to report bitcoin transactions to regulatory commissions. In Africa, the choices are wide and most online betting sites do not report incoming flows. Of course, you will need to do so yourself.

Bitcoin Betting FAQ

What are your criteria for Bitcoin betting sites

A betting site is as good as it is – the fact that it accepts bitcoin is actually secondary in ranking, but vital for it to make the list. 

Why are betters using bitcoin?

Bitcoin is gaining popularity everywhere, and gaming is not missing the beat. The online gaming industry was very quick to adopt bitcoin. Here are a few of the reasons bitcoin gaming is popular:

– Bitcoin maximizes privacy, as bitcoin transactions will not appear in your bank statement

– Bitcoin fees are lower than they used to be

– Bitcoin bonuses do not keep track of the bitcoin price – which means you can earn larger maximum bonuses by depositing bitcoin than euros, dollars or naira. 


Why do people avoid depositing bitcoin into gaming sites?

– Many people do not want to leave a trace to the real (bank statement) world.

– Holding bitcoin is in itself a gamble, as the price fluctuates quite a lot. 


Can I get paid in bitcoin?

Yes, some sites do keep bitcoin accounts (vs only accepting bitcoin).

Best Online Bitcoin Betting Sites

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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Betting Sites in Lagos

Do You Know who Will Win? Good, so Lets Get you the Best Odds

If you know Liverpool will beat Arsenal, that’s great. But you can earn a lot more by simply choosing the best bookmaker – the one with the best odds. Betting with Betbonanza will give you highly competitive odds! 

When the Betting Starts, You Should Get some Free Money.

Almost all sports betting shops offer free giveaways for new accounts. They give away money – but they will throw you out if you earn too much money (they will pay you, but they will also close your account). But keep in mind – online brokers usually offer better odds than offline brokers.

What makes a Good Sports Betting Site?

Your money is safe

You need to make sure that you can withdraw your money to the account of you choice.

You get the best bonuses on your initial deposit

When you sign up, you can be rewarded with large bonuses. This is a sign of the bookmaker aggressively targeting new customers. New customers benefit from this.

Decent odds

In the long run, odds will determine who wins the most (in addition to game knowledge). Get the one with good odds and small margins!

You get to play on the games that you know the best

If you are good at Serie A, make sure the bookmaker supports Serie A. So make sure you can win on the games you know the best!

Playing is fast, and secure

A lag may not hurt you in the beginning, but when you start to do in-play gaming, that will hurt!

Knowledge matters

Make sure you bet most on the games where you have better information than the others – this is the safest way to win in the long run!

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