Winning Bets: How you can Make 1 Million with 1000 Naira

This is a betting strategy where you place winning bets on sure winners – in other words you bet on games where the odds are really low, but the outcome seems almost certain. 

Start Off with 1000 Naira

The 1,3 Strategy Explained

While betting will always include emotion and passion for both betting and sports, strategies for winning have emerged. The key to these strategies is often to make sure that betting follows a certain predefined pattern. You should simply not make bets that do not follow the guidelines you have set when beginning the betting streak. The main benefit from this approach comes from taking emotion out of the betting. 

The 1,3 Strategy is about betting on low odds games where the outcome is clear and the bets are as close to sure bets as can be. You then keep finding these games and betting on them until you reach your milestone. Needless to say, the further away you goal is, the harder it is to actually reach the goal. 

How Many Winning Bets are Required to Reach 1 Million?

If you start off with 1000 Naira, you will need 27 Winning Bets (or “Sure Bets”) in order to get past 1 Million. Here are some of the milestones if you start with a bet of 1000 Naira at odds of 1,3:

After 5 Bets: 3,712 Naira

10 Bets: 13,777 Naira

20 Bets: 189,917 Naira

27 Bets: 1,191,693 Naira 

What Do You Need to Reach 1 Million Naira?

Patience is key, and as you are placing many bets you should wait for the games that really look like sure bets. Don’t get carried away – it might take weeks to find a game that you feel secure about!

You will also need knowledge, as you need to really understand which games are sure bets.

Of course, you will also need a good betting site like 1XBET or Paripesa.

Alternative Ways to Bet with the Same Strategy

Many betters opt to divide the initial bet in two different pools, so that instead of having one go at 1 Million you have two. However, this also means you need to place more winning bets. 

Another strategy is to simply set a milestone half way through, at which you take away half of the winnings. Again, the most important thing is to simply set the rule before you start betting, and make sure you follow it. Remember, DGCA – Don’t Get Carried Away!


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